1990 coupe + my toyotas

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Re: 1990 coupe + my toyotas

Postby nickel » March 10th, 2014, 8:17 pm

thanks kane! i am hoping to have that amp i got from you wired up over the next week or so permitting time from school, i took the cover off it to see what was rattling around inside there and it was some rubber chunks i assume from the old mounts lol, everything looks really good underneath it though, looking forward to blasting some tunes soon!
1990 coupe 1.8l 8v
1998 toyota tacoma v6 4x4
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Re: 1990 coupe + my toyotas

Postby Kane » March 11th, 2014, 6:10 pm

It's small but mighty. It also fits perfect in a mk4 where the stock monsoon amp/6cd changer sits :D
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Re: 1990 coupe + my toyotas

Postby nickel » July 19th, 2014, 5:31 pm

well kane, took me 5 months but i finally installed that sub and amp in my truck haha, it sounds great tons of bass for that small cab!
1990 coupe 1.8l 8v
1998 toyota tacoma v6 4x4
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Re: 1990 coupe + my toyotas

Postby nickel » September 4th, 2014, 3:02 am

been thinking really hard about selling this car this past week... can't decide what to do... it's been in storage for 2 years now, looking like i won't be finished university for at least another 2 years so it would be in storage for around 5 years before there's any chance of me taking er back out. anyone have any places to store a car for as cheap as possible or free..? otherwise i might let er go and buy a vw again later in my life. sad to have my baby sitting there ignored all the time

i went through all of the receipts I have saved over the years and put together a list , i know there's still a good amount of things missing but it's mostly complete.

Date of Purchase Description
1/30/2008 -A2 Catback exhaust TT Exhaust
2/11/2009 -Reverse Light Switch
2/11/2009 -Rad Fan Thermal Switch
2/23/2009 -Oil Pan Gasket Metal Windage Tray
2/23/2009 -Cam Seals
2/23/2009 -Intermediate Shaft O-ring
2/23/2009 -Water Pump w/ T-stat
4/17/2009 -Release Bearing Pushrod
4/17/2009 -Shifter Linkage Arm
11/19/2009 -In-tank Fuel Pump
3/29/2010 -CV Axles D/S
3/29/2010 -020 Side Cover Seal
6/22/2010 -Oil Pan and Gasket
6/22/2010 -Magnetic Oil Drain Plug
6/22/2010 -Eurospec Clutch Kit w/ Lightened Flywheel
7/26/2010 -Plastic Dipstick Funnel
7/26/2010 -Outer Tie Rod
7/26/2010 -Coolant Temp Sensor Blue
7/28/2010 -Mainshaft Seal
7/28/2010 -Fuel Injector Seal Kit
7/28/2010 -Steering Rack Boots
7/28/2010 -Speedo Cable Gasket
7/28/2010 -Cylinder Head Bolts and Washers
8/5/2010 -Gear Shift Bushing Kit
8/5/2010 -Head Gasket
8/5/2010 -020 Outer Shaft Repair Kit
8/5/2010 -020 Full Seal Replacement
8/19/2010 -Full Head Rebuild w/ New Hyd. Lifters
9/19/2010 -Timing Belt Kit w/ Tensioner
9/19/2010 -O2 Sensor Bosch
9/22/2010 -Speedo Cable
10/2/2010 -Relay Shaft Lever
10/2/2010 -Selector Rod Lever
10/9/2010 -Wheel Alignment
11/18/2010 -Starter w/ Brass Bushing
11/18/2010 -Window Regulator Manual
6/7/2011 -Knock Sensor
8/31/2011 -Rear Drums
8/31/2011 -Soft Brake Lines (front)
8/31/2011 -Soft Brake Lines (rear)
8/31/2011 -Rear Shoes
8/31/2011 -Front Brake Pads
8/31/2011 -Front Brake Rotors Vented
8/31/2011 -Brake Master Cylinder
8/31/2011 -Front Brake Calipers
8/31/2011 -Brake Resevoir Cap
8/31/2011 -Clutch Cable Manual Adjust
9/7/2011 -Rear Wheel Bearings
9/7/2011 -Rear Wheel Cylinders
9/7/2011 -Rear Brake Hardware Kit
1/4/2012 -Heated Washer Nozzles
15/7/2013 -Clutch Release Bearing
15/7/2013 -Clutch Pushrod
15/7/2013 -Clutch Center Plate
15/7/2013 -Clutch Disc
15/7/2013 -GL5 Synthetic Gear Oil

and the list of parts/repairs that I don;t have receipts for but work was still done
- Windshield
- Main Fuel Pump
- Fuel Pump Relay
- Fuel Filter
- Dashboard
- Pedal Cluster
- Battery
- 2.0L ABA Exhaust Manifold + Downpipe
- Rubber Exhaust Hangers
- Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel
- Horn Contacts (Steering Wheel)
- Engine and Trans Mounts
- Front and Rear Speakers
- Stereo Headunit
- power steering delete loop
- odometer gear repair
- roof rain gutters
- window scraper seal D/S, new oem
- 8v engine block pulled from 89 automatic coupe parts car
- speedometer gear
- coolant hoses
- brand new leather e-brake boot

Also have a trunk full of spare parts
-tinted tailights
-tinted banana lights
-g60 valve cover
-oil catch can
-misc interior plastics
-CV axles D/S
-front grill eyebrow
-westy front end
-complete subframe with new control arms, all bushings, and manual steering rack
-manual steering rack
-trunk mounted euro windshield washer bottle
-euro small gear shift surround plastic
-window scraper seal P/S, new oem
-stock aero headlights
-misc switches, handles, randoms, etc
-metal T-stat housing flange
-7slat aero grill
-16v front plastic spoiler
-8v front plastic spoiler
1990 coupe 1.8l 8v
1998 toyota tacoma v6 4x4
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