Wierd Tire Problem

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Wierd Tire Problem

Postby william123 » May 28th, 2018, 6:27 am


I had a weird vibration problem that showed up after rotating tires. Before that the car rode as smooth as silk at all speeds. After rotating the tires the car would shake like crazy at 55 mph or over. I hadn't had the car over 45 for six months and it's 20 years old so I thought something had decided to let go. None of the usual checks (re-balancing, front end, CV joints, etc.) turned up anything. Since nothing else helped I rotated the tires back and all was well again (no shake up to 85).There was no visible damage (no knots, bumps, strange tread wear, etc.) on either of the tires that didn't like being on the front. On a front wheel drive car the front tires have forces on them the rears don't. As near as I can figure this caused the belts to wiggle or something. This is obviously not a good thing so even though the suspect tires were happy on the rear, I bought a new set of tires.

Please help.

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