VMware Workstation and mouse scroll wheel = total disaster,

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VMware Workstation and mouse scroll wheel = total disaster,

Postby kevinhanks » May 15th, 2018, 1:12 pm


I'm running several development environments in VMware Workstation 9. In each and every one of them, the mouse scroll wheel will make the entire virtual machine useless.If I use the scroll wheel in a window in a virtual Windows 2008, it will start to scroll erratically up and down and seem to get stuck in an endless loop of "scrolling". This is until I jump out of the virtual machine and then back in. In Windows 2012, it will not scroll at all, but simply "lock" the entire window I had active until I jump out and then back in again.I've checked the drivers, and they are all "standard" in both the host (Windows 7 x64) and the virtual machines. The mouse is a wireless Logitech and no special drivers for it is loaded?

Please help.

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