HD Cart wheel problem

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HD Cart wheel problem

Postby william123 » May 28th, 2018, 6:25 am


I purchased an HD cart for my TI a couple of weeks ago and both of the Wheeleez tires were very soft. When I put the TI on it, both tires compressed to the point that they had a large flat where they contacted the ground. I compared the tires to two identical other than hub size tires I purchased direct from Wheeleez last year for a DIY cart I use for my Revo. The new tires were much softer than the tires I purchased last year.I can easily press a large flat into either of the new tires using just my upper body weight but can't do the same with my direct purchased tires.I took the HD cart back to Austin Kayak and they gladly exchanged it for a second cart and agreed that the tires seemed too soft. The tires on the new cart felt stiffer but did the same thing when I put the TI on it yesterday. This time one of the tires is a lot worse than the other.The pictures show my TI on the second cart with very little gear aboard. The flats on the tires make it very difficult to easily roll the boat. It's like trying to push a car with a flat tire.I'm thinking that Hobie got a bad batch of tires from Wheeleez.

Please help.

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