Mk4 Jetta door lock problem

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Mk4 Jetta door lock problem

Postby resolute » April 1st, 2014, 1:46 am

I have a strange problem with the rear driver's side door latch on a 2000 Jetta. It's a car with the original loud locking mechanism, before they replaced it in later years with the quieter one.
When unlocked, I can't open the door with the outside door handle. The unlocking mechanism makes a "thunk" when it unlocks but the door handle doesn't work. If I reach in and open the door with the inside handle, then the outside handle works -- I can open and close the door using the outside handle until the next time I lock the car. So the mechanism is not broken; it must have something to do with the electrical release of the lock.
Does this sound like it's the locking module? I'm hesitant to take the door apart, pulling the window, etc, if it's something I can get at without doing all that. The problem just started a month ago (I was hoping it was just the cold weather and it would fix itself). Before that it was working fine for years.
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